BAKOSORO-to pressurize finance docket on Salaries

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development Joseph Bangasi   Bakosoro has vowed to put pressure on the finance docket to be releasing civil servants salary on time.

Speaking during the reception of the New Acting Deputy Commissioner General of National Revenue Authority Africano Mande Gedima, Bakosoro said that he will need the Ministry to be paying Public servants in time.

“Ministry of Finance you are going to have headache not only from the public but from me because I need you to be paying the civil servants on time”, said Bakosoro.

Bakosoro advised the National Revenue Authority and other collected agencies to do their best to collect Revenue, adding that Non-Oil Revenue alone can pay all the salaries.

“Non-Oil Revenue alone can pay the whole country twice but the management is difficult”, he added.

He further said  that South Sudanese tax payers can deliver in order to provide services to the people.

Bakasoro also revealed that the Ministry is working on a new updated of salary scheme for the civil servants but also acknowledged that there is no money.

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