Bakosoro replaced in former party

By William Madouk Garang

The executive members of South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) elected Moro Isaac Jenesio as the chairperson of the party in their extraordinary convention held in Juba over the weekend.

This came after the former founding leader Joseph Bakosoro exited his SSNMC party with handful of other politicians in July 2021, and rejoined the incumbent Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM).

The deputy chairperson on other hand took over the interim leadership as the acting chairperson and was mandated to organize election within ninety days as per provision of the party’s constitution.

During the election on Saturday, the chairperson of Electoral Committee announced Moro Isaac Jenesio with about 70% of votes as the winner

“I, Kenyi Nicholas Emmanuel, do hereby declare the one and only candidate. Moro Isaac the chairperson of SSNMC as of today 25th September, 2021. Issued under my hand in Juba,”said Emmanuel.

On his remarks, the elected chairperson of SSNMC who also double as the Central Equatoria State Minister forLocal Government & Law Enforcement Moro IssacJenesioappreciated the party members for the trust they bestowed upon him adding that as the party, they were committed for the implementation of the peace agreement.

“The people have decided, they have spoken so clearly and democracy has been made with open heart.I accept the responsibility to lead this organization the SSNMC party,” Jenesio said.

“I plead to unite and cooperate with all the members of the party in diversity, with usual support, I believe we can move this organization to a new appropriate level,” he added.

On his part, the chairperson of Federal Democratic Party (FDP), Gabriel Changson Chang who was invited to grace the election said South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) parties should learn and adopt the peaceful transition of power SSNMC had portrayed.

“Your case is very special, very unusual.This political movement from one party to another is not a new thing.It’s normal but your case was not normal why, because the captain of the ship doesn’t abandon the ship before the crew but this is opposite and that’s why it’s abnormal and very ambiguous,

And we hope next time this exercise does not repeat itself. I hope Moro Isaac will not abandon you again,” added Chang.

He also advised the new leadership to recommit, rebuild and redevelop the party’s policies and encourage the party members to cooperate and work together for the benefit of their party.

The Secretary for Gender, People Democratic Movement (PDM) under umbrella of SSOA, Charity YakobKimbostressed unity as the key among the parties adding that unity comes through sharing and not force. She urged the parties to work for the lasting peace in the country.

“All of us really need to work for peace.Peace is not one day work, it’s a process and this process is not one person to work, it’s all of us.Let’s call ourselves as one people of South Sudan not people of parties.Let’s put our parties behind us.Let’s really see the suffering of our people, women, children and youth because they are the most suffering people in this country,”Kimbo stressed.

However, the representative of SPLM-IO, Jesus Deng Atem cited that transition of power was one of the major issues that needed to be addressed adding that the election was one of the kinds which other political parties should imitate.

“The process was democratic and I think this is one of the kind. We also need to encourage this spirit in all our parties when we do things transparently like this; it shows our country has a future,” Atem said.

He also urged the members to respect the voice of majority and work together with their newly elected leader for the betterment of the party and of the coalition, SSOA.

SSNMC is a member of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), a coalition of political parties and armed groups that was formed in AddisAbaba in February 2018 by nine groups.

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