BAKOSORO Appeals for unity

Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro addresses members of Muruba Youth Association in Gudele Block 8 in Juba on Saturday (Photo: Kitab A Unango)

By Kitab A Unango

Leader of the National Movement for Change Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro has appealed for unity of South Sudanese for the sake of a lasting peace.

“You should forget what happened and unite yourselves in a new beginning,” Bakosoro said.

The former Western Equatoria governor appealed to the youth to be vigilant and avoid being misled by some politicians who often divide them for their personal gains.

“We politicians our minds are polluted. We are the ones dividing you. Time for election is coming. You should step away from politicians who divide people,” he said.

Bakosoro urged the youth to shun tribalism and arrogance, which incite hatred and anger in the community.

He made the remarks during the launch of Muruba Youth Association of (MYA) of Balanda Community in Juba on Saturday.

The association aimedat fostering unity and harmony among South Sudanese youth in particular Balanda community.

Muruba Youth Association also aimed at supporting and promoting peaceful coexistence among South Sudanese society and to preserve culture of the Balanda community.

Saleh Saaid Uku, a member of National Transitional Legislative Assembly, said the Balanda youth should support the ongoing peace process and the National Dialogue.

“We already have peace in the country and it needs your support as youth to take the message to your community and your friends,” he said.

Ndukuyo Zamba, chairman of Muruba Youth Association called on leaders to value youth and to desist from the common say that “youth are leaders of tomorrow”.

“Unlike the widely accepted notion that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, we strongly believe that we are the leaders of today,” Zamba said.

He said the youth would make positive impacts in communities because of their energies.

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