BAKOSORO-Abandons own party for SPLM

By James Atem Kuir

The National Minister of Public Services and Human Resource Development, Bangasi JosephBakosoro yesterday abandoned his founded South Sudan National Movement for Change party (SSNMC)in favour of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Bakosoro returned to SPLM after spending ten years out of the party, some of which he used to establish his SSNMC party which brought him back to the government last year after being sacked as Governor of Western Equatoria State by President Salva Kiir in 2015.

In a speech he delivered on his departure from SSNMC on yesterday, MinisterBakosoro said he made the ‘tough and risky’ decision to rejoin the SPLM ‘for the sake of unity and peace for our people.’

“While in Juba, we have been consulted by some of our politicians from Greater Equatoria and SPLM leaders from other regions to return back to the SPLM party in order to effect some changes and reforms,” he said.

“Considering those calls from SPLM cadres including those from our own constituencies to return to our mother party and to forget what might have gone wrong, most of us including me have decided to listen to the calls of our people,” he said.

“I hope that our people will accept and understand why we have made such tough and timely decisions. There are times when one needs to take tough and risky decisions for the sake of the unity of our people,” he added.

Bakosoro exited SSNMC party with a handful of other politicians.

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