Bakhita Radio Beat Juba Monitor 4-2

Bakhita Radio FC beat Juba Monitor FC by four goals to two in a friendly football match played on Saturday at Comboni Secondary School playground, Kator.

Juba Monitor opened the score just 19 minutes into the game when striker Martin John scored the best goal of the game when he converted Captain David Deco’s superb cross into the back of the net.

Juba Monitor players relaxed after scoring the goal and allowed Bakhita Radio to dominate the rest of the first half with 65 percent ball possession which resulted in Juba Monitor conceding four successive goals within a period of just 22 minutes. Emmanuel Gore equalized for Bakhita through a set piece and Ernesto Ladu Scored twice to make it three, while, Lucky James scored the fourth goal from a corner kick.

However, Juba Monitor gained momentum in the second half and dominated, maintaining possession of the ball and the field by 70 percent against 30 percent by Bakhita Radio. Gaaniko David doubled for Juba Monitor when he headed in a powerful header from Morris Dogga’s corner kick. Efforts by Juba Monitor to equalizer proved futile because Bakhita Radio were excellent defensively.

The match was attended by Juba Monitor Associate Editor, Anna Nimiriano Nunu, Managing Editor, Odongo Odoyo and the News Editor, Opio Jackson.

Juba Monitor Associate Editor addressed both teams after the match on behalf of the Editor in Chief, Alfred Taban. Anna Nimiriano said she was delighted with the way the staff of both media houses interacted amongst themselves, saying the match had opened the gates for media houses to coordinate and socialize well.  She also said the match would help relieve journalists from the burden of being chained to their seats in the newsroom.

“This kind of friendly exercises relieves us from stress because most of the time journalists are too committed in the newsroom, you don’t have enough time to socialize with your friends and colleagues from other media houses,” Nimiriano said. “It’s good for us (Journalists) to know one another.”

The Acting Programme Manager for Bakhita Radio, Damian Doggale spoke on behalf of the Director. In his speech, Doggale said the main reason for organizing the friendly match was to boost and strengthen the relationship between Juba Monitor and Bakhita Radio.

“We always meet in the field (in press conferences). The games were aimed at building the relationship among the media houses, be it print, broadcast or online platforms. It’s good for us to come together as professionals and socialize,” Doggale said.

“This match should not be taken as a competition but rather a kind of get together event that can help us exercise, relax and do other things that are not related to our daily duties at work. Socializing helps relieve stress,” Doggale added.

He also said that media houses in general should practice sports more often because it unites people by bringing them together.

The management of Juba Monitor recognizes that the games is a good initiative to strengthen the performance of media houses, not only during the corporate leagues that the media has been constantly left out of, but also as a kind of providing services back to the customers or citizens through entertainment This is part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which all partners should play in the development of the country and society at large. The management also thanks Equity Bank for the effort to improve sporting activities in the country and for sponsoring Juba Monitor with football kits.


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