Bakasoro to deal with ghost names

By Nema Juma.

The newly appointed Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro said his first priorities would be to clear all the ghost names in the public institutions.

Speaking after being sworn in yesterday, Bakaroso said he would first work to deal with those keeping the ghost names.

 “It’s people’s priority and we will see who the ghost keepers are and then we try to address them gradually,” Bakosoro said.

The minister promised that he would make changes while in office, like finding the way of creating jobs for graduates, different sectors not necessarily in the government and also training them in job creation.

He said that there were so many things that needed to be put in the ministry that can give chances to the youth and to those who were looking for jobs.

“We need such things to be taken to technocrats, who had been in the ministry to learn from them now there are challenges and see how we can address them together,” he said.

Bakosoro was among the minister sworn in yesterday at the state house as part of the Revitalized Government of National Unity.

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