Bad plan of helping one clan

By Akol Arop Akol

What I am writing about is not new, it is something that we are going through these days. There is corruption in provisions meant for citizens but people in charge always grab the opportunities for personal or family gains.

Many of us know that favourtism and nepotism have become the culture of organisms called human beings in our country. Having no uncle in a particular office is a bad-luck that will always let one be ignored or disqualified from certain jobs.

We are living in time of getting opportunities by recommendation but not qualification. One also needs to poach documents and bribe a friend or convince his relative to help him.

Opportunities today are lobbied by people who only have family relationship, friendship and clan link but the rest who are not related have to bribe in order to get the that particular opportunity.

So how long can we keep bribing and what will somebody who have no money or a working relative do? It means they have to stay with no hope.

My question is that why do we keep people who do corruption and nepotism in public offices? Why do we see them favoring themselves and their relatives using the name and resources of the country?

There are those who think public offices belong to their clanmates. They think that if they are employed as secretaries or communication officers or in any other posts, they are then powerful and eligible to make their gluttony criteria and take advantage of those chances.

Those with big hearts and clanic minds inform their relatives privately to fill all the vacancies. I am saying this because our country doesn’t need nepotism, we all need to be trained, educated and transformed equally both men and women.

Employing or educating one clan or people of one family background on behalf of the whole country is inequality.

Making it worse when proposals, call for applications and other opportunities that are made for the public come out, they don’t do official announcement or advertisement. You may not know when the opportunity was opened, but you will only hear the day of travelling of the shortlisted ones who secretly got recommended by uncles and aunties.

I am discouraging this common manner of helping one clan leaving the rest out. Equality should be among us such that we have togetherness and nationalism. Integrity has to be in our minds to make sure any chance brought by a Good Samaritan into the country is fairly opened for everyone.

It is an advice for those in charge of running public affairs and especially bilateral relations where opportunities are always created in the name of the country for all the citizens to be just and fair. They must treat people equally.

Something for the public shouldn’t be corrupted. Any scholarship, short course or trainings that are meant for the citizens’ benefit should not be grabbed by individuals.

We don’t need these youth to have the same mindset of helping only relatives or otherwise if poorly raised, they will come back from where they have gone for studies and do nothing for the country.


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