A foot for thought

Bad culture must be eliminated in community

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Based on the statistics of South Sudan, there are 64 tribes living in the country.  All of them have their own cultures, norms and values; it means the way they speak, prepare food and conduct marriage ceremony were known by some people. Most of them are good and others are bad. People in the community were doing other things which did not exist before, if it is noble, it should be welcomed by the members of the community.

For the reasons known, itwould add values and improve culture for better progress. One of the bad cultures is that a father plays sex with his daughter. I heard this information over the radio that a man of 50 years old played sex with his daughter of 14 years. This thing happened in one of the states which is not reflecting our cultures.  Some years back, there was the same scenario which occurred also in one of the states with a responsible person in government position.

The matter was tackledbefore the law and at the end, he denied the allegationafter many people criticized him; how it ended was not clear. In the recent one, government was involved to take the matter beforethe law. I hope they would handle it well and not to repeat in any community. It is one of the bad cultures.We need to eliminate it from our communities. Those fathers who behave in such manner are to be brought to book, because such culture was not existing in South Sudan. Even if your daughter is beautiful, it is not for you as father. She is somebody’swife elsewherein a different family in most of the cultures.

He spoiled the future of her daughter; this lady will feel ashamed in the community.Likely, men will fear her and consider that she is from a bad family because of the fathers’ action. I am sure the uncles of this lady were not happy with the action. However, let it be solved in a better way and the lady should be counseled to allow her gain credibility inthe society and have hope for better future.

May God bless us all.

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