Bad cultural practices continue to impede girls’ Education

By Emelda Siama John

Cultural practices continue to force girls out of school, Director General for Gender Equity and Inclusive Education in the Ministry of Gender, Esther Akumu Achire said.

Speaking to media during the donation of sanitary pads to girls by Stanbic Bank on Monday, DirectorAchire said, “we have our strategy for the National Girls Education how we can make them grow, how we can keep them out of the early marriage,” she said.

“Weare asking the parents not to allow the issue of booking promises to parents demanding girls at early age. This should be stopped,” Achire warned.

The Gender Equity and Inclusive Education Welfare and StanbicBank are working hard to support girls, not only with sanitary pads.

She added that girls should be giventhe opportunity to study.

Regina Ossa Lullo, Director General for Gender and Child Welfare said thatthey will work closely with the Ministry of Education and Gender to ensure that girls are enrolled in schools.

“There are many issues thatabstractgirls’ continuity in Education, one of them is what we are here to,for when a girl reaches pubertythat is a very difficult age and I advise girls if you are studying, concentrate on your studies because your future is very big ahead of you,” she said.

She added that the issue of poverty has made some parents to force their girls to get married which is unlawful.

“I would like to tell thegirls that, you have a right as human being if somebodyforces you to get married, you know where the police stations are,you know where the special protection unit is at the policestation, you know where one center at the hospital are, you can report your problems there,” Ms. Lullo explained.

“I would like to congratulate the teachers for adhering to our order that was given to girls who are pregnant not to leavethem out,” she said.

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