The larger population were overjoyed with the peaceful tenth anniversary celebration that they almost forgot the existence of the dreaded corona virus pandemic that is shaking the world. Indeed the celebration which fall on a Friday making it a longer weekend was befitting the long wait which had previously seen such event postponed for one reason or another. People took to night spots for leisure and merry making. Mostly reported were road accidents through careless or overdoing the celebration. Some forgot that they are required to in the forefront of production. Surely it has been a long time since such a peaceful national celebration took place and ten years are gone. It is time to start counting the achievements and challenges that have stood on the way to development. After ten years and peace coming back to stay, there should be a new thinking and new approach to issues of national concerns while expecting another peaceful anniversary same time next year. For now the work should be carried out although in the middle COVID-19. There should be seriousness performance by the public servants now that their salaries have been hiked by 100 percent. The habit of playing games and at times leaving coats hanged should not be tolerated. What they have been lacking or complaining about was good salaries to enable them perform effectively. The Government should also honour their promises by paying the workers on regularly. The performance of each individual should be monitored and only on merit should they be allowed to continue. There have been cases of workers taking French leave while others are doing different businesses to make end meet. It is not forbidden to do other business, but each must have its own time. It is not proper to combine the two at once which would create conflict of interests.

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