The launching of seeds testing laboratory by the government through the Ministry of Agriculture is a sure way of boosting crop production in the country. Farmers have been faced with sub-standard seeds sourced from the neighbourhood far too long and this will now be a test of time for more yields to come and make the country self-sufficient in food production. Food security is one of the fundamental rights of human being therefore a country need to have enough to feed its population and export the rest for revenue generation. It has come that everyone should start going back to the land and start crop and animal husbandry to boost the current revenue source which is oil. Non-oil revenue would make it is easier to have economic growth in place within a short period of time. This time around farming should be taken seriously considering past events where donations of foodstuff have been the order of the day. With planned exercise and with the availability of agricultural officers in the field this could be possible and slowly by slowly, the country would be able to eradicate the habit of relying on food donation from other countries. This country is fertile enough and would only need the will of the people to reach this goal. It is important to have enough stored for local consumption but these can only be available if and when the call to go back to the land and be productive is followed and acted on. There cannot be any other way to reach this goal. Finally the government has launched the seeds testing laboratory. It is now the work of the farming community and the agricultural extension officers to make the dream of enough food for all be a reality sooner than later.

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