Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

A friend of mine came to tell me his future plan of going back to the land after he learned that the European Union was to avail 41 million Dollar grant for feeder roads and food security. He was sure that come the money and he would have developed his farm and be able to transport his produce to both local and international market. He has been weary in the city of these white collar jobs. He needed to have his hand soiled for a good cause. He had all a long wanted to be a farmers and do a man’s job that would make him sweat all the time. Yes we wanted to be part of the history in food security or production. He had tried his hand in so many jobs but he had not managed to save anything or complete any tangible project. All this long he had lived from hand to mouth and had not succeeded to get what he wanted in life. His thought came back to him when he realize that years were going and he had nothing to fall back on. He had wasted golden time and was now determined to seek new direction which was farming. He had only one or two shortfalls. First there was no proper access road to his area and second he would need farming tools. The soil was rich and did not need manure. It was fertile and not used. His first undertaking was to put up a small house and then start preparing the land for cultivation. He wished that by the time he was done with preparation, the feeder road near his place would be ready for use. This would be a lot of plus to him and the government. Time was running out for him as he wanted to bring-up a family, more so, children in a more relaxed atmosphere without the rush witnessed in the city. He was anxious that only going back to the land would be a permanent solution to his desirable needs. He remembered a word. Taking town to the people was in his mind and he wanted to live with it by example and by actualizing the dream. My friend reminded me of the slogan “yes we can” which made a breakthrough for someone in the USA for presidency. My heart went in deep breathing for my friend as l wished him the best and luck in his future endeavours. In my mind l was thinking that how many young men would take a bold stand like my little friend. I was thinking that if majority of the youth formed groups and decided to team up in farming then the issue of food security would be properly handled. I knew that my thinking was far-fetched because most young people wanted to associate with new technology which was not available in the rural areas. Can the thinking change and be real for the good of all.

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