BACK-to schools after shutdown

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Public schools both primary and secondary have started registration of the learners after a one-year shutdown due to Corona virus outbreak. The virus was first confirmed in the country in April last year.

Juba Monitor visited some schools in the city and talked to learners who flogged in for the registration process.

Nawal Khamis 19, from Supiri Secondary school thanked the government for reopening schools.

“If I had not listened to the advice of my parents, I would have become pregnant like some of my colleagues who were impregnated during the Covid-19 period but I thank God for coming back to school again.What I have seen during the period of Covid-19 in my life is a difficult one. It was a life I didn’t expect to happen to my colleagues and I cannot manage,” Ms. Khamis expressed.

She added thatif there was no Coronavirus, some of her colleagues would have not dropped out of school.

However, John NgongMariak,a senior three student said he took a step back to school to get vacancy for himself.

“I am very happy when I met with my colleagues since government announced the reopening of schools,”he said.

On 22nd March last year,all public schools were shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic but candidate classes were later allowed to sit exams while the rest of the classes remained shut.

Last month, the Education Ministry recommended that only 50 learners will be allowed in a classroom at the primary schools and 45 learners at the secondary schools.A class of more than 50 learners must be divided into batches to maintain quality of learning and physical distancing as indicated by the Ministry of Health.

This, according to the coronavirus task force, is to avoid a resurgence of the pandemic.It directed schools to disinfect classrooms.

Students have also been advised to follow guidelines such as wearing face masks, avoiding crowds and washing hands.

Also,the Ministry of General Education recommended that all staff, learners, and visitors should have their temperature checked before entering the school compound.

Health officials call for vigilance for COVID-19 as learning resumes

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