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Back to school campaign launched in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas-Yei.

The government of Yei river county and education partners officially launched back to learning campaign on the last week.

The campaign under the theme: “Inclusive and sustainable education for all is aimed at ensuring all children go back to school.

Speaking during the launch, Vuni Julius supervisor in charge of Yei town Payam schools thanked the commissioner for his firm stand to ensure re-opening of schools after the lock down because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to thank our Commissioner for standing as a leader to ensure that schools in Yei River County are operational. I think without his efforts these schools would have not opened but because he took the initiative and bold decisions as a leader and stand firmly, he was able to encourage the education sector to begin organizing the learners and that is why you see this time the schools are operational,” Mr. Vuni said.

Yei River County education director, Emmanuel Sebit Peter encourages everyone to take education a priority saying it is a foundation for development.

He called on students and pupils to have a vision in education that will change the behaviour and mind set of the people in the country.

“I want to appeal to everybody whether small or big to take education a priority. Education is the key to everything. Education is important for our people. If you are educated, you will know many things. Education is not only when you complete primary school level or A level,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yei River County local administrative officer Noel Tabanexpresses governments’ commitment to supporting education.

Taban commends local government efforts to fight obstacles that hinder smooth running of education in the area.

He appealed for the support from the education partners and local leaders by working closely with the government in order to develop the country through education.

“We are going to support education in Yei County. We are going to fight all obstacles hindering education. We have seen small boys and girls loitering in the town during school hours it is going to be a fight to stop that. We have already held executive council meetings and we are going to put it into action to ensure that every child goes to school. What we want from you is your support,” Mr. Taban said.

Schools re-opened in Yei on 3rdMay 2021 after the partial lockdown in 2020 because of the global coronavirus pandemic which forced many students to drop out school.

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