Back Home Organization donates food, non-food items to women prison

By Merio Jimmy, Volunteer Project Coordinator

Back Home Organization (BHO) donates foods, non-food items to Juba Women Central Prison in Juba on Monday, July 29th2019.

Angeth Majak Nhial, Executive Director for Back Home Organization that this donation to seventy-six women and children comes in realities through supports from the home charity and friends locally and internationally. Easy Travel Agent has donated some cash in South Sudanese Pound, Australian Businessmen paid US Dollar, Indian Community donated slippers working in South Sudan and some South Sudanese Businessmen donated cash.

Angeth said some bags of rice, some bags of sugar, some cartoons of washing soap, sacks of OMO powder, some sanitary pads, seventy slippers for adults, ten slippers for children and two box of biscuits for children; these food and non-food items worthy to ten thousand US Dollar only ($ 10,000).

“If at all they have skills, they lack capital to set up their own businesses, many of these women are widows, orphans and among the weakest and most vulnerable of the South Sudanese society. Therefore, the Go Back Home organization is providing an opportunity for these segment of our society for learning skills that could enable them to earn life they deserve.” Angeth said.

She added that the GBH organization wishes to train women on handcraft activities as; tailoring, soap making, cooking of cookies, plaiting of hair catering and so on. “We are here to help in fighting in-hygiene in the society by providing sanitary pads to girls and young women who are unable to afford.” She said.

Angeth further stated that they would like to encourage adult education among women ‘every known statistic in the country and worldwide indicate that women are the least educated between the sexes’. We will work hard to empower women financially by providing loans, enabling women to establish their own micro-businesses and be able to win bread for their families. Given that it is rainy season; they will raise awareness among women on the importance to take farming very seriously.

In her partnership, Major. Atong Jok Kuon Women Prison Director appreciated the donation delivered to women prison inmates; “I am appealing to your Back Home Organization to continues visiting women prison Inmates and to support them morally, spiritually and economically,” Atong said. She added that your organization to lobby for other to supply women Prison with beddings and other health services.

Atong welcomed the initiative that with the assistances from organizations in collaboration with government has improved the lives of women in Juba Prison.

“The hygiene has improved because Germany Government has constructed very good toilets and our women inmates’ sleeps in mattresses that were donated by the organizations,” said Atong.

One of the woman inmates praised the organization (Back Home) for the donation said the food such as rice would help them to changed diets since most the time depends on cowpeas and maize flour.

Back Home Organization is a home based Organization that allowed women and children to access health, justice and education services across the country.

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