B2C soldiers thrill revellers on weekend

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Gutujja singers over the weekend thrilled their Juba diehard fans as they sung their hearts out for the first time in Juba.

Famously known as the B2C fan kicked off on Saturday at Bro Hotel and in attendance were majority of the Ugandan community.

The night started with performances from South Sudanese artists such as Queen Dela, Jun De Star, Trisha C, Mizaya Emmy and Ugandan stars such as King Prince Kabaka who kept the music lovers glued to the chairs waiting for the main acts of the night.

DJ Yankee’s South Sudan self-claimed richest Dj played mixes of life time and kept revelers ordering for beer and whisky.

The ‘Num Bed Mara’ star surprised fans for the first time in his music career when he shown up on stage wearing shorts, beach shirts and sandals and sung his old to latest songs before vocalist Wj De King was welcomed on stage by Veteran Master of Ceremony Isaac Doggy Samson.

Wj De King sung a couple of songs before he assured the B2C soldiers of love and peace while in the country.

“B2C soldiers I welcome you brothers from another mother, feel at home because we are all one people and Juba is in peace and love,” said Wj De King.

As soon as Wj De King finished performing, the loyal fans of B2C would not wait as they kept shouting “b2c b2c b2c b2c”.

With a lot of energy, the B2C soldiers jumped on stage and sung ten songs nonstop and when it came to be famously known songs such as”no you, no life” the fans went wild and started over crowding the stage.

Kasaga Julius of B2C on behalf of the crew appreciated their fans in Juba for the love and encouraged them to vote in the upcoming AFRIMA awards.

“Juba thank you so much for the love, to the South Sudanese who came to show us love, we appreciate a lot and may God continue to light the African music industry, we have been nominated in Afrima awards and please let’s all vote”, said Julius.

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