Azande Kingdom asks UK to return its cultural artifacts

Azande handmade Jar

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The newly restored Kingdom of Azande is asked the British government to return its cultural artifacts taken during the colonization of Sudan between 1821 to 1956.

The Azande people of South Sudan recently crowned King Atoroba Peni Rikito Gbudue to mark the re-establishment of the Azande Kingdom, more than 100 years after its last monarch, King Gbudue died at the hands of British colonialists during their occupation of the Southern Sudan, now South Sudan.

“We asked the British government to compensate us not for the death of King Gbudue because King Gbudue was killed on the battlefield. We demand compensation for our national heritage. British government uses our national cultural artifacts in its museums for tourism and they are gaining a lot of money that is why we need compensation, “King Atoroba’s brother, Prince Badagbu Daniel Rimbasa said in an interview with Juba Monitor from the kingdom’s palace in Yambio.

During his rule, Gbudue faced incursions from ivory and slave traders, Egyptian Government officials, officials in the Mahdia, British and Belgium forces—as well as participating in internal Zande wars.

He was killed during a British patrol led by Major Boulnois in February 1905.

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