Ayod County officials call for unity in Jonglei

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Officials of Ayot County have warmly welcomed the appointment of Ambassador Antipas Nyok as Deputy Governor of Jonglei State.

The officials said it is high time for Jonglei State to work together and unite all the counties for the betterment of its people.

Martin Kueth Tuong, a member of parliament in defunct Fangak State, Ayod County said the appointment of Ambassador Antipas Nyok as a deputy governor is a great decision made by President Kiir saying that Nyok is a man of peace and will easily unite the people of greater Jonglei State.

“This time, we want Jonglei State to be peaceful. We want to work together as one people of one state and this goes to our leaders to start from national level to state level especially our deputy governor who is known for his work,” Kueth said.

However, he said that there is need for the national government to help the state government in bringing long lasting peace in the country.

He called on parties to the Revitalize Peace Agreement to speed up with the formation of full State government to enable better service delivery to the suffering people most especially the flood affected people.

Jacob Changkuoth Peter, former political advisor and former SPLM Secretary and member of liberation council in the former Fangak State, now Ayod County, congratulated President Salva Kiir on appointing Ambassador Antipas Nyok as deputy governor of Jonglei State.

“As an SPLM member in the state we are excited for his appointment because ambassador Nyok is a man that always works to see SPLM’s vision achieved in the country so I am so sure his appointment is great for Jonglei state,” he said.

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