Ayii Duang maintains status quo

Ayii Duang the Chairperson of SSBC

By John Agok

The National Business union chairperson Mr. Ayii Duang Ayii disowned media reports of him being replaced and assured the public that, he maintained the position of heading South Sudan Business Community (SSBC) now.

In the Press Conference yesterday, Ayii told media that, he has a stand position with 29 legal registered business entities in the Country and will not recognize any newly formed business body without legal accreditation.

Ayii urged newly formed business body to register with Ministry of Justice and Constitution Affairs.

He also warned politicians to kick off from interfering into affairs of business arrangement gear toward salvaging the economic downtrodden.

“I am assuring the public that; I still remain the Chairperson of Business union and I urged the newly formed body to register with Ministry of Justice and Constitution Affairs.  We have taken a position as 29 legally registered body not to recognize newly formed body until its complete registration with Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. I also warned some media outlets who published articles which are not verified and crosscheck to review their work professionally”, he said.

“I urged politicians to refrain from meddling into business affairs. We are business community who engage in activities that, improve the economic of Country. Business people should do the same by distancing themselves from politics”, he added. Ayii appealed to farmers and Cattle keepers to harmonize their living together and earn livelihoods.  He also called on Bank of South Sudan and Ministry of Finance and Planning to empower Business Society to b

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