Ayii directs State Business Union to start registration

By Martha David

The Chairperson of the South Sudan Business Union, Ayii Duang Ayii has directed all the union branches to start registration and plan for the services delivery in the states.

The call came after the appointment of at least eight state governors and three administrators of the administrative areas last month.

The Business Community in the country has directed all the heads of the unions in the private sectors and general sectors to register.

 In a press statement yesterday in his office, Ayii Duang Ayii said the registration was to organize all the state unions in the country and put forward a new plan for service delivery in all the states and at the national level.

He said that the unions have been reduced to 22 following the reverting of the country to 10 from the previous 123 Unions.

“I want to direct all the heads of the unions at the state level to start registering and planning for the newly created unions in the states, with the coordination of the state governors to be able to implement services delivery to the people of South Sudan,” Ayii said.

He pointed out that the business community would work hard to attract more investors and funders to the country to create employment opportunities for the youth.

Duang added that the business sector in the country was able to help in improving the country’s Economy and development by attracting Investors to the country.

“We want to work for the investment and give chance to our own South Sudanese investors in the country,” Ayii said.   

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