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Torit – Juba road closed, says authority

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem



TORIT –Torit municipal council authorities temporarily closed Juba – Torit road due to insecurity saying the move will save lives of travelers, as there is high number of civilians who were killed and injured.

“Any vehicle,boda-bodaand anybody going to Juba or Magwi should wait first for some hours because there is an operation going on.Nobody should go until we give the green light for him or her to go. That’s for their safety because the criminalsare notin one place. They are scattered, maybe they will make an ambush ahead there and harm people. That is why we stop buses from going to Juba.Those who pass via Liria could not pass Khor English Kudo,” Mayor Eddy told the press in Torit.

The mayor disclosed that theoperation exercise started from the second of the current month aiming to provide peace and security to the users of the road, by cleaning the highway from criminals who are killing, robbing and looting people onTorit – Juba road.

He said that the state authorities have instructed Torit west Commissioner not to allow any vehicle to enter the capital Torit until the highway is declared safe for travelers.

“The commissioner has given instruction to the citizens that the authorities arenot goingto allow any car tomove for time being. Maybe today or tomorrow the road will be opened then the people will move normally.It is now the operation, which is going on to clear the road to be freefrom any looting or killing on the road.This is the final stage we are now in, we started from the second of this month up to now but nobody knows the number of days ahead, it dependsonwhen it will finish,”said Mayor.

Eddy said the government forces have been deployed along the road on the hotspot leading to Juba so as to maintain security on the road.





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