A foot for thought

AWiM three -day conference ended

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

African Women in Media (AWiM} conference had ended yesterday. I am very grateful to be one of the speakers for this big event that took place in African countries. It was attended by many people around the world to understand challenges  women are facing and how are they going to overcome them.

The solutions will take time based on understanding of people on women and how they look on women in traditional way, of different cultures in Africa. Women need to stand firm for their rights and report challenges facing them from time to time. It is not solution of one day but is going to be through processes in Africa.

We should eliminate bad cultures affecting women progress around the world. In developed countries, women conditions are different. Not the same in developing countries. Therefore, the suffering of women is not the same.

Those developed countries have less issues of women violence than under developing countries. We need to learn from those developed countries the way they overcome the problems during those years.

Which mechanisms they used, is it through conferences, workshops and means of communications they used. Part of this information was discussed in these three days conference. Those women who attended the conference, I am sure they benefited a lot and it had built their skills on how to handle themselves in the newsrooms as well as in media industry. It is a collective responsibility to all women in Africa. That was why the invitation of this conference was extended to women in African countries.

In case of any challenges, we need to consult each other and suggest solutions for the problems we are facing. We need to learn from one another by sharing our problems with other women. The issues of violence was in most parts of the African countries , it cannot be taken as part of the cultures.

Some of you may ask why I wrote many stories of women consistently, it is because I have been following events organized by great women in Africa. I hope this conference would make change in other institutions in Africa.

May God bless us all.

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