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AWiM 2021 Conference kicks off


Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

African Women in Media (AWiM] 2021, 5th annual conference kicked off yesterday in African countries. It started on 6th and will end on 8th of this month 2021.  One of the objectives for organizing this conference was to discuss challenges facing women in general and female journalists in particular. There were panel and roundtable discussions on issues of women in media industry.

During the discussions, there were many questions asked on how to report women stories in African countries. It depends on the situation of media houses in those countries. For good reporting, is to have access to information and understand the work of journalism in the countries. To support them is to provide materials and financial assistance, to consider female representation in the newsrooms and eliminate cultural burial, norms and others that hinder female active participation in the country.

 So many other concerns were pointed out, like the negative impacts of COVID – 19 Pandemic in media industry in Africa. The meaning of asking those questions was to get resolutions and improve women participation in the current situation of living with COVID -19 Pandemic in the world.  The most important things were that how to handle COVID- 19 in the newsrooms at the current condition.

Nevertheless, how is the strategic plan for protecting journalists in general and female journalists in particular.

Many countries had different experiences on how COVID -19 which affected newsrooms, how women managed to handle it and still struggling working in the same environment. Addition to that, there were numerous methods women can use for writing inspiring stories to encourage other women in Africa. All the above mentioned points have connection with freedom of expression in media.  It is to determinate the future of media in African. Therefore, the growth of media depends on journalists to be freed in writing stories and express their opinions to the public.

May God bless us all.

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