J Money aka Joseph Thalang Ungom (photo: Mandela Nelson Denis)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The sons and daughters of Awiel have been urged by their own son J Money aka Joseph Thalang Ungom to establish a recording studio in the state.

Awiel has only one recording studio which cannot serve the high demand of emerging talented youth in the state who feel they can use music to pass their message.

J Money is one lucky artist who hails from Awiel but lives in Kenya to record his song Aluel, a love song praising the beauty of the girls in the state.

Recording the song was a dream that came true to J Money who told Juba Monitor that he had to wait months for studio booking so that his song would be recorded.

“I finally recorded my song Aluel after a long struggle of accessing the studio but I believe if the sons and daughters of Awiel in Juba and across the world listen to our cry and build more studios in the state, we will continue to foster development through our songs,” said J Money.

J Money also revealed that the only studio serving Awiel called Wal Wal studio being the only one is expensive and many youth cannot afford hence their dreams of been agents of change through music remains a challenge.

Awiel boosts of over twenty famously known artists who struggle to record their songs from that one studio.

South Sudan music industry is still lugging behind in terms of recording studios with some states having no studio hence forcing talented artists to travel to states with studios.




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