Aweil taxi drivers grumble against station relocation

By Bida Elly David

Drivers in Aweil town of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State were enraged after municipal authorities ordered relocation of the town’smain bus station from Ayuang to Malou Aweer on Thursday last week.

Aweil Drivers’ Union chairperson, Dominic Kuol said the new bus station was too narrow to accommodate all buses besides being poorly drained and distant away from the town’s main market, Malou Aweer.

“We have been on the road for two days protesting against the order of the authorities relocating the former taxi station from the town. Besides, the station is very narrow that all the taxis cannot be accommodated. The station is also distant from the town,” he said.

Kuol said they tried resisting to leave the old bus station but security forces came and forcefully moved them to the proposed station.

“We demonstrated for two days against the order and later we were dragged forcefully by the police to the proposed station. We were so disappointed with what happened,” Kuol said

Deng Mayen, one of the drivers said they rejected the town mayor’s order to relocate the station from the town because the new site was far from the markets and people.

Abuk Nget, another affected business women stressed out that the relocation of the station has got passive impact on the common citizens since the new station was too far from the Aweil market and customers would have to pay more fares. 

“The newly established Malou Aweer bus station is too far for us. It is better to maintain the old one because it is in the middle of town for people who come from different sides of Aweil.It is better for the municipality officials to establish an independent bus station in Malou,” Nget said.

Aweil town Mayor Garang Deng Diing said the old bus station was situated in an unsuitable site, saying it was located next to the mortuary.

“The former Aweil bus station is situated near the mortuary where dead bodies are kept for many days which may cause health problems for the passengers as a result of the stench from the site,” Mayor Diing said.  

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