Aweil state parliament delay recess

Aweil State Legislative Assembly

By AsuntaAlithMayen

The recess for members of Aweil state Legislative Assembly hasbeen extended from its previously scheduled date 15thJanuary to 23rdFebruary 2017, the speaker of the parliament has said.

Rt. Hon. Speaker Deng AyomAyomsaid the recess was postponed due to some activities, which require the honorable members of parliament to complete.

Ayom said the establishment bill for payams and counties that was presented by the state minister of local government is yet to be completed. He saidthe standing specialized committee is still working it.

“Another reason for the postponement is that the state minister of finance up to now have not yet presented to the August house the state budget for the year 2016/2017 which already had been approved by the national government,” Ayom said.

“Also the deliberation on the revenue authority bill needs to be completed because what we have in place is the old revenue authority bill for the then Northern Bharel Ghazal,” he added.

He said if it happens that members of parliament go for recess on the 23rdFebruarythen they are expected to come back on the 23rdMay 2017.

The right honorable speaker said all members of parliament are directed to go to their respective constituencies to acquaint themselves with the local people at the grassroots and as well to find out the challenges facingthem.

“We are just here in the town but we don’t know what is facing our communitiesat the grassroots and this will be a good chance to speak to them and get to know what challenges are facing them,” said Ayom.

He said the MPs are also expected to deliverkey messages of peace in their communities.












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