Aweil state citizens urged to work for peace

The governor of Aweil state has urged his state citizens to support the national dialogue declared by President Salva Kiir by making unity, peace and love attractive with the neighboring states.

Wol Kuot Deng, said the intention of President Salva Kiir who declared the national dialogue was in the interest of bringing peace and unity among the citizens across the country.

The governor made the remarks during the celebration of the sixth Independence Anniversary held in Aweil state on Tuesday.

“I thank our people for turning out in large number to commemorate this historical event, I equally thank the SPLM and the other organized forces for making this celebration successful,” he said.

He added it was important for us to accept peace, reconciliation, unity and national healing since it is necessary to encourage our people to go about their normal activities such as cultivation.

Deng said, though most people have fled the state to neighboring Sudan due to hunger, the few people who have remained in Aweil state must unite and work together with the government.

“The sixth independence anniversary, is a great day in our history and it reminds us of the patriotic decision that was taken against the oppressive regime of the old Sudan,” he said.

He said the independence day reminds the citizens where they are going and for South Sudanese at this current moment it remains them of  their suffering and the principle of being people of South Sudan.

“I think most of you will agree with me in this independent day that this state will never accept those external aggressors who engage in negative ideology to tear apart and destroy the sovereignty of our country,” he said.

The governor appealed to the citizens of Aweil state to work together with the transitional government of national unity to impress both armed groups to  forgive each other and  join hand for peace.



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