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Aweil RRC bosses accused of corruption

By Ayuel Chan

Officials in charge of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State’s Relief and Rehabilitation commission came under fire from state anti-corruption for allegedly selling public asset.

The state RRC chair, Dr Suzan John Madut and deputy chair, Dominic Kang Deng have both been accused of theft and misappropriation of a government vehicle.

According to an order by the state Anti-corruption Commission obtained by Juba Monitor, the officials stole a Toyota Landcruiser registered SSD 710 BW and sold it to a trader named Adam Abubaker who also went and resold to another trader only identified as Ahou in Wau.

The state corruption watchdog has ordered for immediate confiscation of the vehicle.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the state Information Minister William Anyuon Kuol confirmed the incident and said the officials in question did not follow the normal procedures required for selling or disposing of public assets and properties.

“The state government secretary-general is the one in charge of all the state assets and properties but when the car was being sold, the RRC officials did not involve him, so when he got a surprise information from the Security that the car was sold, he ordered for it to be confiscated,” Kuol added.

The minister said the car in question was a donation from the national RRC commission to help state RRC facilitate their activities.

“Well, the RRC commission in Juba donated a car to the state RRC here and as a result, the car was sent to Aweil and when it arrived here the state officials had an illegal agreement between themselves and sold the car to a trader,” Kuol said the government is now working to arrest the officials so they can appear in court for trail.

“The car has been confiscated and the authorities are working on procedures to arrest these officials. Though the officials have immunity because they were appointed by a presidential decree and they come from different parties, the acting Governor and the state government secretary-general are engaging their

parties to have their immunity lifted so that they go to the court of law to answer the charges,” Kuol said

This is the second time the deputy RRC boss Dominic Kang Deng has been involved in controversial corruption allegations in the state after he first came under scrutiny in the Dura Saga case in 2020.

Kang who then stated acting governor and government Secretary-General when president Kiir dissolved the entire national and state governments ahead of the formation of the current revitalized government of national unity, was accused of having allegedly sold tonnes of sorghum the previous administration had imported from Sudan in effort to subsidize prices in the market.

Kang was however, appointed deputy RRC boss months later, a move that was criticized by the general public.

This latest incident come days after a Berlin-based non-governmental organization, Transparency International ranked South Sudan as the world’s most corrupt country.

The report said poor enforcement of anti-corruption commitments rob citizens of their basic rights and services and urged governments to publish relevant data and guarantee access to information to ensure the public receives easy, accessible, timely and meaningful information.

Calls from Juba Monitor to get comments from the RRC officials in question went unanswered by the time of filing of this report.

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