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Aweil community in Uganda inaugurates interim leadership

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The leadership of Aweil community in Uganda held a reconciliatory meeting under the theme “For Peace, Reconciliation, Unity and love” to resolvethe community’s differences and pledged to work as one bodyfor unity and consolidationamong the Aweil community in Uganda to live in peace and harmony.

William Ngor Majok, Interim Chairperson of Aweil community in Uganda called on the Aweil community in Uganda to support government for national unity and prosperity of the society asthe government of National Unity has obligations to reunite and work for prosperity of South Sudanese people and that trajectory to be achieved neededcollective effort from South Sudanese in general.

Majok urged members of his Interim leadership to be peace ambassadors in ensuring peace and welfare of Aweil community in South Sudan by collaborating with other communities in peace building together as one people.

Meanwhile, the guest of honor Malong Tong Akol, congratulated the leadership of Aweil community in Uganda and encouraged young people to lead by example when their time comes and be able to serve the people of South Sudan inclusively.

“South Sudanese living in Uganda to utilize privileges parents provided for a few students who got chances to be here in Uganda to further their education, and that can provide a promising future for you if you work extra mile to achieve what you come for.”

Akol advised young people to work for the future, andparticularlythe young boys and girls to be careful in preparing themselves for a better living standard.

“I called on all South Sudanese living in Uganda to always obey the laws of Uganda and feel free to visit Embassy in Kampala in case South Sudanese nationals experience challenges that South Sudan embassy in Kampala can offer on behalf of government as service to citizens of South Sudan in Uganda,” Akol stated.

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