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Aweil Communities Welcome New University Students

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Communities in the greater Aweil have welcomed the newly admitted university students from various universities in Juba.

At least 210 students from the greater Aweil area were admitted in University of Juba.

Speaking during the event, Deng Deng Hoc Yai, Minister of General Education and Instructions challenged the students to always aim at graduating with distinctions.

The Sunday event was held under the theme “Quality Education for peace and Development”.

The event was meant to celebrate 32 new graduates who graduated from the University of Juba.

“Don’t go for pass, go for distinctions,” he told the students. “In order to change the world, do not focus on money, some graduates would say oh I don’t want to work with ministry of education because teaching s a poor man’s job.  Do I look a poor man to you?” he asked.

He advised the graduates to not only look for jobs that can pay them much money.

Money is not everything. You can be extremely rich but when you fall sick, your money may not actually do much to change your status,” Deng added.

He said the 210 students who passed secondary school last year was in itself a big achievement.

“I have over 3 million children learning in our schools because those are the people who are going to transform this country. We want a country that we will be proud of, country where there is productivity,” he added.

Mark Kur Mayen, Chairperson for Greater Aweil Students Association at University of Juba said welcoming the newly admitted students was also meant to orient them about the challenges facing students at universities.

We encourage them to motivate other students to join university,” Mayen said.

He added that his administration was working hard to tackle challenges facing students.

“We want to inform our community to support our students like renting hostels because Aweil students have their own hostels,” he added.

He said the 210 newly admitted students indicated an increase from last year.


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