Aweil Civil Hospital runs out of drugs

By Opio Jackson

The Medical Director of Aweil Civil Hospital said it remained only three days for the hospital to completely run out of essential drugs.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, Dr. Aleu Pioph Akot said drugs like anti-malaria are almost over due to the increasing cases of Malaria in the region.

“Aweil Civil Hospital is the only hospital in the region and serving over five states and drugs yet the drugs we often receive from the national government are only for a population of one state,” Dr. Akot said.

He complained that last time when they received the consignment of drugs from Juba, three types of medications were missing and that the national government until now have not responded to their complaint.

He said the Malaria and other essential drugs in the stock can only take them for the next three days, and by Thursday this week the Hospital shall have run out of the essential drugs.

“There is a high rate of malaria cases in the regions and the hospital is attending for almost 40 to 50 adult patient in a day,” he said. “While for children the number may be higher since children are most vulnerable to malaria”.

He said disease cases in children are being handled by the UNICEF and as such they don’t know the exact figure of malaria case being recorded per day among children.

Dr. Akot appealed to the national government to consider establishing  a proper coordination to ensure that the exact drugs are delivered to state hospital saying that in many times they are supplied with drugs that they have not requested while those they requested are being ignored.


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