The 2020 report of the civil society organizations give a gleam picture of growth in the space which remained as it was two years ago. This is an indication that there has been no growth in the economy, infrastructures and other sectors of economic development. What the organization is telling the country is that the approach should be changed to focus and address these shortfalls that was creating dark and black pictures of the civic space. The Index report developed by United State Agency for International Development (USAID) detailed areas of improvement regarding civic space, challenges and how to improve on them. While the report talked about the impeding civil society space, there should proper focus and attention directed towards the improvement of the standard of the common-man with funds and development conscious manpower available to steer the growth in different sectors of the economy. The only recorded improvement during this period was only 5.5 an index that showed sustainability the improvement would require collective responsibility of all key players and stakeholders without singling out an individual or institution for being above others. This kind of move would discourage others players  from taking their role seriously. Civil space act like a barometer for measuring development within the civil society that are  meant to benefit the general public and the country to remain solid in actualizing service delivery. All components of development activities should be put into top gear without wasting or ignoring any of them. The civil society organization should equally live to their required mandate by the public and instead of organizing seminars in posh hotels and restaurants in towns where the very common-man who is supposed to be impacted with knowledge and information cannot reach or be expected to be. They should take public awareness to the people on the ground.

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