Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The media out-lets the world-over were awash with one single but important news from Juba South Sudan that President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar had met and agreed to form a government of national unity with collective outlook. Unlike before where reports could be negatively portraying the country, this time it turned out and became the centre of peace. Kiir was meeting with Machar and at the same time President Kiir was brokering peace with the Sudan Military rulers and the oppositions. The Sudan peace talks which was also taking place in Juba was being spearheaded by the president himself to ensure peace in the neighbourhood and regions at large. I am honoured to appreciate efforts that President has so far brought this far. It needs someone with honest interests for peace to all human beings. This has been properly and positively demonstrated by the leadership and cannot be put in the agenda for the next meeting. It has been and is an on-going agenda by itself. Juba turned out to be the centre and haven for peace. This should be the new identity this country should carry forever. It should remain so in the eyes where some external elements have tried time and again to create their own picture of the country and misinform the world about something which is nothing. I am of this class that has and will remain firm in the bracket of “truth” nothing can deter or change this because it is very logical in life and very real to live with. As the time is nearing for the new government to be formed, there are people who are waking up to reality and “very afraid “of the day to reach. They are out-doing one another to get attention from the appointing authorities and spending sleepless nights in fear of the unknown or known if they will or will not get the attention they are so much working for. These are our friends, the politicians. God forbid l am not one of them. I am enjoying the time putting my efforts in doing something positive for the country which can impact on someone outside there instead of spending sleepless night doing a lot of nothing in the name of seeking position. Leadership is born not made and positions should be gotten on merit not favour. My simple advice to them is that let the leadership for the next government with like minds and people who will carry the mantle to the next generation faithfully. Let self-interest be a thing of the past let merit be a guiding factor in engaging those who will help or assist the leadership propel the country to the next level. After struggling to bring back the country to proper cause, there should be good intention to ensure peace, security and order forms the basis of the life of every citizen without using shortcuts to reach their destinations. The most important of all is to have peace and stability to jump-start the stalled economic developments.


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