Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is unfortunate that some people trusted among us are the same turn-coats who wish to milk the country dry. They operate as if they are the law unto themselves without even consulting the very appointing authoirity that gave them the mandate and the key to drive their institutions to prosperity which they do not do instead, they are amassing public wealth for their selfish being. How can a public figure divert public resources entrusted to him/her to off-shore accounts while the majority who are expecting their services are walking without an indication of where to get the next meal. It is no wonder some these people live as if they own the others. Where has patriotism and human moral gone to. Let us sit and think back where we have come from. Can’t we have something to make us feel proud and belonging? Just imagine that you had a chance to be appointed in one of the high office to serve the nation and what you think of is getting rich quick at the expense of people and service delivery. People who are cheating behind their bosses. There have been cases which clas hwith the interests of the appointing authority in which those appointed to work do some things without informing their superiors.It is unbelievable, that some people can be so malicious and mean that they abuse their position without due care for what they would have been required to do. The innocents are drawn into negative picture just because one or two people do not want to toe the gentleman’s line and sinking to waste the resources they are trusted to protect. This word corruption is synonymous in the corridor of the unjustified minds. The leadership has always preached good governance and service delivery to the public. Why are some people letting this call down. Why are some people so hell-bent that they do not want anything good for the public which is contrary to the wishes of the majority. We talk of leaving positive legacy behind us and for the next generation. The crop of those hell-bent are not thinking along these lines but thinking only what they can have for themselves. The falls under the class of abomination to put it straight and clear. We must have the will and strength of protecting what is within us with the aim of having each individual to benefit. Nobody want to be haunted with the past in life. Each one of us would wish to have a long-lasting life full of happiness instead of walking and looking at your back because of what you did in the past. Ladies and gentlemen can we stand and be counted or can we stand and account for our doings. Have you impacted something in someone’s life today? There are something we do which you might think do not count, but to someone they count a million. Let there be moral of only doing the right thing when we have that chance.

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