Authority urges Jubek to provide land for investment

By: Bullen Bala

The South Sudan National Investment Authority is calling on the Jubek State authority to allocate them land between the old and new Freedom Bridge for investment.

The call came during the Chamber Quality award to different business Institutions in Juba on Friday.

South Sudan Investment Authority Secretary General, Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer said the land between two bridges belonged to the government of State.

“That is why we are asking the state to give that area to business institutions for investment,” said Maliet.

He said the land was about 60 thousand square kilometers and deserved good development adding the Jubek government to make decision on the matter as soon as possible

“That is why I wrote to the governor of Jubek state Augustino Jadalla to give us two places because too many people coming to this country want to build hospital, good hotels, agricultural centers and  many other business centers,”he said.

“My request to Governor Augustino Jadalla to give us this land so that they build it and develop it to be conventional center,”he added.

He said if land between two bridges was given to the investment authority, it was to be turned in to a city sooner than expected..”

He added that Malakia Market is one of the places they were also requesting for investment saying it was one of the strategic place in the city.

He said if these two places were given to the investment authority they would bring international investors together with the national and state governments to work hand in hand to improve service delivery in the country.

“The revenues were are talking about, the salaries and the services will start following into the chest of the government coffer,”

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