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Authority in Duk County deploys security as insecurity alarms

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Authorities of Duk County has deployed youth and security forces to provide the security stabilities as insecurity increases in the County.

John Chatim, the Commissioner of Duk County said that his administration has deployed youth and security forces to encounter the series of attacks and cattle raiding in the region including the incident where one aid worker was killed and others wounded.

“Using the youth as security providers is the best way of controlling the instability in Duk and also youth know the map of the area well then the security force here in the county and sometime, we try our best to provide them with basic needs even if help is not enough”. Said Chatim

He added that everyone is adapting to this tactic of deploying youth even in GPAA, it would bring security stability in greater Jonglei or joint police which would be combination of Police from Greater Pibor Administrative Area and Jonglei state to patrol the boundaries and apprehend culprits along the way.

On December last year, The authority of Duk County of Jonglei State reported that one humanitarian aid worker was killed and others wounded in a road ambush while returning from field trip from Tindiir Boma in Pagak Payam to Padiet of Duk County of Jonglei state. The criminals weresuspected to be from Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

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