Authority denies Ebola case in Yambio

By Nema Juma

Gbudue State Minister of Health has denied rumors of Ebola case in the state capital Yambio.

Yesterday, a source who sought anonymity told Juba Monitor that three people succumbed to what seemed to be Ebola Virus Disease in Gbudue state.

However, Rose Mary Abujohn refuted the allegation saying the preliminary tests on the three deceased were tested and confirmed negative.

She said blood samples from the deceased included the six-year-old child, a woman and one man, were transported to Uganda for further investigations to ascertain the exact cause of their demise.

Mary reiterated that her state is Ebola free as the government.

“South Sudan is free from Ebola right now those people did not die from Ebola they have been tested and no Ebola found,” Mary said.

Last month the National Ministry of Health reported that a 42 year old woman died of the disease in Aliwara, in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, about 70 Kilometers away from South Sudan border.

The undersecretary in the Ministry of Health Makur Koryom called on the rebels to cooperate with the government in order to prevent the Disease from entering the country through there controlled areas.

According to Concern Word Wide, early this month there have been nearly 2700 people confirmed with Ebola cases in DRC with about 1900 reported dead.

Last month the world Health Organization (WHO) declared the disease in DR Congo to be an international emergency that requires much effort to combat the disease.

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