Authorities should take schools matter seriously

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The information reported in the media that the preparations are underway by the Ministry of General Education to re-open schools should to be taken seriously. Let it not be an ink on paper. I said this for the reason that there were several reports issued on re-opening of schools but it wasn’t implemented.

If you can see the gap within this periods of pandemic, it is big, if the matter is not taken seriously, it would be difficult to recover within short time. Children missed a lot in terms of knowledge, the months they stayed idol at home made them to miss knowledge.  Children are not like adults who can read books, magazines and others with understanding to keep them busy.  Some parents kept their children busy with activities that could help them to be active throughout.

But many of them didn’t nothing on how to create activities for children in the families. It is the role of parents anyway to see in to it that they create activities for their children in such a situation like this periods of Coronavirus. Some parents who have access to power and Televisions, their children would benefits from learning on lines.  Of course not every child should benefit from it, and that’s due to individual condition in the families. Nevertheless, if you make research for children who were in schools before Coronavirus, during re-opening it will not be all of them to resume schools as expected.  Some girls might have got married as the matter of force or early marriages which are common in certain tribes.

The girls sometimes see themselves grown up and accept to get married to any man which is not their choices.  Not thinking that they have chance to continue with learning. For boys, some of them might have become criminal or streets boys, moving at night robbing properties of people due to idleness.  As mentioned above, those parents who created activities for their children would really have less risk.  Because always their children remains busy throughout days.

I hope teachers are still available and prepared for classes, otherwise some of them might have joined another jobs opportunities due to economic crisis in the country.

However, let us hope that everything will be okay in the country so that children would resume schools soon.

May God bless us all.

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