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Authorities launch National Development Strategic Review

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday the Ministry of Finance and Planning in collaboration with Ebony Centre and Empowered Lives Resilience Nations launched the National Development Strategic (NDS) Review to be discussed to make it a better working document. One of the aims of the launch was to involve journalists to participate in reviewing the NDS.

Various media houses were invited to attend the launch and to understand the document in order to play effective role in disseminating correct information. During the opening remarks, it was said that the participation of media houses was very important in the event. However, the organizers expected journalists could attend the launch in big numbers as majority of the media houses were invited.

On the other hand, a paper was presented and participants were grouped to review the document and add their input. During the groups reporting, journalists appreciated the document and said it was useful. Nevertheless, media houses should be included in the process of implementation to educate people.

It was said that the document should be translated in the local languages, so that people from the grassroots can understand. There would be specific unit within the Ministry of Finance to provide journalists with information. On the other hand, journalists said that access to information should be availed to media houses for public to understand the document. Media houses and stakeholders should have good cooperation and coordination in sharing information.

There would be good communication between media and stakeholders during the implementation. Media should monitor the progress and educate the public accordingly. They will act as watch dogs, report accurate information to the public.

Media houses were advised not to give up with the challenges they may face in the field, like difficulties in getting information.  However, they should know their limitation in getting information that is suitable to the public. There would be a way of giving access to information in official way which should not harm journalists and stakeholders.

May God bless us all

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