Authorities in Yambio ban sale of local alcohol

By Mangu Mark

The Mayor of Yambio Municipality in Gbduwe State has suspended the sale of local alcohol known as “Nguri Tara” in the town.

He also suspended gambling in the town.

Robert Singira said the consumption of local alcohol and gambling are the causes of most misunderstanding and anti-social behaviours in the area.

Mr. Singira said the order will be enforced by the security agencies, including national security and police directorate of Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Singira further said there was also need to regulate all businesses in the three zones of; Hai Masiya, Yambio town and Pazuo markets to maintain order and keep Yambio town clean.

He added that keeping the town clean was the responsibility of every person who sells and buys goods in the market, and not the government alone.

Singira blamed the traders and particularly those who sell vegetables for dumping garbage recklessly in the market.

The Mayor admitted lack of awareness amongst the local population as the major challenge in keeping the town clean, adding that very soon dustbins will be distributed in the markets for garbage collection.

He cited insecurity and economic crises as the main challenges facing the municipality from carrying out its activities efficiently.

“We don’t have municipal council, so we are going to form the municipal council to make up rules and regulations,” Mr. Singira said.

The Mayor passed the order on Wednesday during a monthly forum that brought together different civil society organizations, students, Members of Parliament and government officials.

The forum was organized by Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) with support from the Democracy International, or SUCCESS project.

On his part, the Chairperson of Business Committee in Yambio Mr. Hezekiah Philip Tuu, said free economy has contributed to skyrocketing of prices in the market because there is nobody who controls the businesses like in other East African countries.

Mr. Tuu said every business person has taken the advantage of free economy in the country to increase the prices of commodities as they like. He also said even the goods that are produced locally like farm produce and charcoals.

“I am surprised to see that even something bought at the rate of three US dollars is being sold here in South Sudan at10,000 South Sudanese Pounds(SSP),” Mr. Tuu said.

He said, though prices of goods cannot be regulated by now, if farmers are committed to farming, prices of goods can be reduced.

Mr. Tuu warned traders against charging high prices with the intention to make what he described as “abnormal profits” due to the current situation in the country.

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