Authorities in Nimule ban cattle movement in town

By Kabaka Quintous

The Secretary General for cattle keepers in Pageri Area Abraham Makur has given three days for cattle roaming around Nimule town to be evacuated.

The order came after farmers in Pageri complained of their farms being destroyed by animals.

Speaking during the dialogue between cattle keepers and farmers in Nimule last Friday, Makur said any cattle found roaming within Nimule town after three days from Monday the owner shall be fined.

“What I want to tell you my fellow cattle keepers, you must evacuate your cows from Nimule town, failure to do that the soldiers will charge you by taking a cow from your kraal daily until they are finished,” Makur orders.

Makur said the cattle would be relocated to their states once the current peace becomes sustainable, “I want to thank Madi community for their patience and for us we are ready to take our cattle back to our original homeland with the ongoing peace in the country. It is just a matter of time,” he said.

Brig. Gen. Angelo Lul Bol, the head of Artillery Division in Moli South Sudan People’s Defense Force barrack said they were only waiting for the orders for them to implement but called for peaceful coexistence between farmers and cattle keepers.

“The civilians always blame us for not working but today, I am happy with the statement of Abraham because of his orders. This is the orders we want because for us soldiers we are waiting for such orders. I want all of you to stay well and forget all the grievances,” Gen Angelo said.

He urged the population to cooperate with soldiers in the process of evacuating animals, “Now it is our task, if soldiers find any cow still loitering in town don’t come and blame the government later.”

The town clerk for Nimule town council, Tafeng Tisiano said they would patrol the whole town to ensure no animal was being kept in Town.

“We will make inspection of cows in the town and any kraal found here, the owner will give half of it to Tiger division here and you Tiger should be serious because as we are speaking there are cows moving around the town,” he said.

The town clerk vowed that the government will not compromise with those who still want to keep their cattle in town.

“Another issue is goats being owned by both of you in town, there will be no compromise we need all these things out of town because there are people cultivating in the town,” he added.

The advisor for peace building opportunity fund project Hakim Paride who facilitated the dialogue urged the farmers and cattle keepers to respect each other.

Paride said the project aims at ensuring the local government, local communities and cattle herders find amicable ways of resolving conflict in a way it will not harm one side.

According to Paride, every citizen deserves peace and as such cattle should not be allowed to graze in the farms.

“The local government here and chiefs and the kraal leaders will work closely to ensure that the past conflicts between farmers and cattle keepers don’t exist,” Paride said.

About 100 participants including organized forces, religious leaders, local government, and the farmers and cattle keepers attended the two day dialogue in Nimule that ended on Friday with a call for peaceful coexistence.

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