Authorities imposed night patrol in Aweil

By Elijah Akuei Ajou Ajou

Authorities in Aweil, Northern Bhar El Ghazal State has imposed night patrol due to rampant criminal cases happening in the residential areas night hours. 

Speaking to media on Thursday, Dominic Kang Deng the State Secretary General said frequent night patrol would be a solution to reduce crimes being committed at nights in Aweil town.

 “Actually it is our role to imposed night patrol to protect our civilians from any night attacks especially the thieves and other criminals who are doing robbery activities at night will be control. We are really concerned about our people and we need to protect them from all criminals’ activities they are facing. We all know that Northern Bhar El Ghazal State is a peaceful state which we must protect her people,” Kang Added.

He urged police to safeguard and protect civilians and their properties against robbery arguing them not to take bribes from the citizens.

He revealed that the State Government will put into consideration the areas and people who have been affected by flood in the State.

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