Authorities are condoning women raping.

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to a disturbing report published yesterday in the newspaper that 14- year old girl and two women were gang raped by soldiers in Zahara village of Lasu Payam near Yei town.  And the report continued by saying this year alone there was about six cases of women raped in the country, including children, and this has never been taken serious by the authorities in charge. Soldiers are supposed to protect civilians and not to rape them.

Cases of rapes have been presented several times by the victims in this Country but their cry for justice never taken serious by the authorities, and the worse is that no any legal punishment taken against the perpetrators. Last month a girl of eight years old was raped, and this month again a 14 years old girl raped, this is too much and becomes shameful to our Country.

We are like there is no law governing this Country and law dealing with rape crime in the country.  I think these perpetrators are not being presented to the court of law; otherwise such crimes of rapes would have not been repeating itself against and against like this on our innocent women. Women are mothers, sisters and wives for that matter; it is not correct for soldiers to played with them. It is like they were not born by women whom they raped today.  The girls they raped are like their sisters and daughters. How can you raped your own sister or mother it’s a curse.  

Soldiers who did such harmful act need to be brought to justice. Look, in the incident of July 2016, there was similar cases of rape by soldiers of which the government denied as allegations that time, but latter it’s became reality and the perpetrators were punished when the law was applied against them. I assumed right from that scenario that there would be no women raped again in our Country.

 I remember last time women demanded for law that will protect them from such, but up to now seemed there is nothing done. Because of lack of seriousness from the authorities, the level of women raping increases in the country.  Therefore, I screamed here again into the ears of authorities in our nation that women are vulnerable in the Counties, Bomas, Payams as well as across the Country.

Now this rape perpetrated by the soldiers has spoiled the names, dignity and future of this 14 years old girl and and these other women. What has happened to this girl in such age has tarnished her name and the name of her family.  She will grow with psychological problems in the family and community. Such cases need to be addressed and the parliament must standup to protect women and children. It is the role of women in the parliament, the Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare and other institutions dealing with women affairs to come up with immediate solution.

May God bless us all.

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