Ministry of Health must Outline ColeraPreventive Measures now

Ministry of Health must be prepared to face the reality of fighting the dreaded cholera outbreak in the country. There are more than 20 cases of death as a result of the outbreak in Kapoeta State. The spread to other areas is real and the Government through both the State...

Will there be Peace in Pibor and Jonglei?

Before the dust settled, on the arrival back in Juba from Pibor and Jonglei States, the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai, must have been shocked to hear that just before takeoff to the capital, there was yet another cattle raid leading to unknown injuries and death. Duk payam woke...

Love of money is the source of all evils

By Albino Deng Jauch Money as the medium of exchange and business transactions is mysteriously linked to some many labyrinth procedural fraught, with difficulties including tussle to acquire it. To make money is a real pitched battle in which you use all possible means available whether good or bad, in...

Defusing tension on Gen. Paul Malong issue

By Salva Mathok Gengdit, MP As leaders of this nation, we should aim to achieve national unity and development through the core values of tolerance, forgiveness, respect for the rule of law and justice. We have emerging society that envisions common principles of equality, respect for human dignity, democracy, solidarity...

Sharing is the way to God

By Akol Arop Akol You know very well that when life gets harder there are always people who become hopeless and powerless to do what they want. They may want to rob or murder and if they are unable to do by them, they would come and tell you to...

The Essence of TV Talk Show

By Thuou Loi In 2012 I initiated a TV Talk Show on Citizen TV. I called that talk show “South Sudan on Focus”. The key objectives of that talk show were: First, do document a bit of the history of our liberation struggle. Second, was to identify key challenges in...


Editorial 15th April 2018 In the past reliance on a single source of revenue earning is one of the causes of the current economic nosedive. The country relied on the oil revenue for all its expenditure and when the world oil price was dictated internationally, the country became hard hit...
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FINANCIAL Constraints hit National Dialogue

  Members of the National Dialogue Secretariat; By Mandela Nelson Denis The National Dialogue steering committee has raised complaints of inadequate funds that impede its activities. Mr. Zacharia Diing Akol, the head of research in the National Dialogue Secretariat on Friday said that the peace building body lacks financial support....

Animal Farm in Democratic Change Party !!

By Riak Maker  Mading                                                                                              Everyone knows or think they know –all about George Orwell’s allegory called the “Animal Farm”. Well, for those who do not know, I will give you an idea so that you can situate Democratic Change Party into animal farm and understand why the members of DCP...
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