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Hunting for Change

Respect Artists’’ During the birth of Christ, a group of angels appeared to some people. The angels kept on singing that, “glory be to God in the highest and peace be among the men and women on earth; Jesus is coming with peace.’’ In the past, the choirs used to...

Peace activists call for support for youth projects

Participants at the National Peace Center attending to the peace debate By Jale Richard The youth of South Sudan needs to be supported to enable them end the culture of violence through engaging in peace building projects,a group of peace activists have said. The activist raised this yesterday in a...
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Couples hired maid to produce them a child

By Taban Gabriel A womanhas said they ended their 10 years of childlessness by engaging their maid througha legal process to conceive a child for them. Hannifa, a 32 year old resident of Nyokuron West said all started one day in 2014 when a land lady in Kampala approached her...
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Fuel shortage disrupts transport in Juba

Vehicles queuing for fuel in one of the petrol stations in Juba By Morris Dogga Persistent fuel shortage continues to disrupt transport in Juba, a result of currency devaluation and ongoing conflicts in the oil-rich yet poverty-ridden country. Mr. Emmanuel Lodule a public taxi driver said he is considering parking...

Breaking the Culture of Silence

Are you also celebrating the death of Fidel Castro? (2-2) By Riak Maker Mading The story behind everything involving Castro and the US is really long and individual. Only those who know how to appreciate happenings will see what some of us have heardand seen, especially at this time that...

5 reasons why women leave their husbands

Women file for divorce two-thirds of the time — a grim fact. But the important question to ask is "why?" According to my own Statistics, when a marriage ends, the woman is the one who files for divorcetwo-thirds of the time. While a man might leave a marriage because of...

DC Party factions agree for dialogue

By Opio Jackson The two rivaling factions of South Sudan’s leading opposition party, the Democratic Change DC, have agreed todialogue in order to end the disagreements that emerged when a new chairman was elected to replace Dr. Lam AkolAjawin. Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Deng Bior Deng, who still maintains...

Truth Empowers

Dialogue: A Tool for Acquiring a Greater Truth (1/9) By Christopher Sebit   Introduction: Part one of this article gives widerdefinition of dialogue. Pat two examines the impact of dialogue on the people. Part three looks at the necessary preconditions for waging a successful dialogue. Part four is about...
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“Alabu Dance” crowns contest winners

South Sudan dancers (file photo) By Mandela Nelson Denis South Sudan Dancers’ SSD crew on Sunday jubilated with their fans after being crowned the heavy weight champion of the “Alabu Dance” competition. The group was awarded acheque of SSP 20,000 a glass trophy and certificate of participation in the contest...
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