It came to being that 14,000 teenagers are living with HIV associated with AIDS. This is an alarming number of youngsters expected to be our tomorrow’s savior. This number is increasing day by day and they are dying every now and then. This is the fact we have to bear...

Hotels are degrading our girls

Our young girls are being spoiled by luring them into illicit behaviors especially in the many hotels in Juba. There are young for young, middle aged for middle aged. It is the law that should make us respect and know the right of another person. The law guides us in...

The innocent souls be spared

I just don’t understand why we are killing ourselves. When will this unnecessary killing end in this country? I wonder why we kill innocent people in senseless wars based on political greed and power struggle. Reports says tens of thousands of our people have died in this power wrangling war,...

Youth train on basic communication skills

A local Non-Governmental organization known as Organizing People for Prosperity (OPP) is conducting a two-day training on communication, social media and storytelling. Speaking to journalists yesterday, the Executive Director of the OPP, Mr. Martin Kwori said the aim of the training was to equip young people with basic communication skills...

Miss World to support menstrual hygiene

The former Miss World of South Sudan, Ajah Kiir Monychol  said, she is set to hold a Run way for sanitary pads- a fashion show dedicated to raise sanitary pads, soap and pants for women and as well young girls in a bit to promote menstrual hygiene especially among those...

Politicking should be out of peace implementation -Activists

Civil society activists demand the Transitional Government of National Unity to stop “politicking” and commit itself to the implementation of the peace agreement saying “integrate politics” should not be used as a cover for the slow implementation of the agreement. Speaking to Juba Monitor on Wednesday, Jame Kolok the Director...

Lifeline training to improve community livelihood

The ongoing BBC media action lifeline communication training is to ensure accuracy, timely and practical information for crisis affected people in the country, official has said. The training is targeting the regions of Equatoria, Bhar el Ghazal and Upper Nile with the aim of disseminating information to crisis affected communities...

Fish bring new hope to conflict-affected citizens

Morning trading is underway at the recently built fish market at the banks of the White Nile in the town of Bor and business is picking up.  Women sellers stand in a corrugated-iron roofed area behind neatly stacked piles of tilapia and Nile perch lined up on white-tiled concrete benches....

SPLA threatens to expand defensive lines

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) would be forced to expand its defensive positions if the rebels continue to wage offensive actions against the army, the Acting Spokesperson of the army has warned. Col. Santo Domic Chol said on Wednesday during the usual country’s general security report that the national...
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