Go slow within coronavirus health worker.

By Nema Juma Members of the coronavirus response team are reported to have taken a back seat and staged a go-slow leaving some victims of the vuirus unattended to. They were said to have been demanding among others, accommodation, safety and protective and preventive materials for their work. However, by...

Over 400 women to benefit from Juba project

By Kidega Livingstone About 400 women are expected to benefit from Juba Urban women project, a program that has been launched by Voice for Change (VFC) with support from Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The areas of focus are Rejaf, Luri, Giada, Munuki and parts of Gondokoro. Speaking...

God plus you equals a majority

FINDING HOPE By Ngor Khot Garang In every battle of life, there is one thing we must not lose and that is hope. In the history of mankind, we have had wars fought by few men against a majority and they won against the majority because of one simple...

Coronavirus affects bee production –FAO

By Kidega Livingstone The Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nation admitted that the spreading of the coronavirus has affected bee production following prevention measures put in place by the Ministry of health that stop training of the bee keepers on bee production because of the social distances. “Marketing of...

South Sudan traffic laws to be amended

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor Any law apply in the country is to guide people to do the right things. It was not made to punish an individuals or drivers with small mistakes occurred on the roads.  The law that said if the door of the car is...


The decision by the taskforce to have all members tested for coronavirus is a positive move, which will create confidence among members of the public. It means leading by example which many leaders would fear to undertake under such circumstances. It is important that when they begin giving direction on...

Digging out the Truth

What is truth? By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon Truth is a conformity to reality or actuality says the English Dictionary. But one can agree with me that truth in itself is anything that two or more people accept without any internal or external influence. This proves that truth is a demonstrated...

CRIME 33 hit squad criminals nabbed

By Odongo Odoyo        A combined special security force under the command of the Inspector General of Police (IPG) Majak Akec has broken the ring chain of dangerous criminals and arrested 33 members of the gang who have terrorized and caused mayhem in the country. The criminals arrested included three Ugandans,...
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