DR. MACHAR, orders his members in Hotels to Vacate

BY Nema Juma Dr. Riek Machar has ordered about 59 members of his party to move out of hotels in Juba and seek accommodation in two named cantonments of Wuna Aliet, Lobojo or go back to Khartoum. The SPLM-IO cited one reason of vacating the hotels as non-payment of accommodation...

Gogrial State Minister of Gender resigns

By: Wek Atak Kacjang The Minister of Gender and Social Welfare in Gogrial State Abut Kherubino Akec Kolnyin has resigned from her position on Wednesday last week. Kherubino said her resignation came as a result of concern that she is a medical doctor by profession and cannot execute duties and...

Christians urged to believe in God’s teaching

By Martin Manyiel Wugol South Sudanese Christians at Emmanuel Parish Juba Diocese have been urged to pray and believe in God’s teaching. British Ambassador to South Christopher Trott encouraged South Sudanese congregation to believe in Bible teaching. The senior diplomat said he was blessed to be sent to work in...

Nine million midwives, nurses needed globally

By: Sheila Ponnie Last week more than 9,500 global delegates from 170 countries participated in the Nairobi Summit which was first initiated In Cairo, Egypt, in the 1994. The goal of ICPD was to encourage partners to make “bold commitments to transform the world, by ending all maternal deaths, gender-based...

Happy for the transition by the University of Juba

By: Agar Mayor Gai In life, moving from one point to another thing is the hardest thing to do to most people; be it students, educational institutions, political leaders or the business. However, this country has last weekend, for almost the first time, seen and witnessed one character of a...

Women in civil society call for fair representation

By: Martha David The civil society organizations and the national Dialogue steering committee have come together to reach consciences in the form of communiqué of the resolution of the National conference and to share draft outline of the agenda of the committee to get input. Women in civil society organizations...

Behaviors towards others

By: Akol Arop Akol When people tend to criticize our behaviors and judge us, we wish they could first know who we are and what kind of personalities we have. If they see and treat us like the poor, we wish they should first know our rich-talents, skills and plans...


Topical Commentary With Odongo Odoyo We were discussing with a colleague, Sheila who just returned from an international conference held in the neighbouring Kenyan capital Nairobi where over 175 countries participated in the Reproductive Health under the auspice of International Conference on Development Program commonly known as ICPD 25. It...

No need to cry, be strong

By: Ngor Khot Garang Every drop of tear that falls down from our eyes is not a sign of weakness.  It is a pain of the things we have tried for a very long time but failed to yield good results. We all have our burdens and the weight varies;...
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