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Protect your environment -Menon

The Indian ambassador to South Sudan has called for global awareness towards environmental protection to safeguard and secure the abundant natural resources for countries like South Sudan. Srikumar Menon said the protection of the environment should be done for the prosperity of the next future generations. Speaking at the celebration...

Local artists record tribute songs for Emma47

A group of 25 local artists based in Kampala are recording a tribute song titled RIP Emma47. The song is being recorded at Jams Records, a South Sudanese owned studio in Kampala. The song features artists such as D Cargo, Young Bullet, Sbizzy, Jay Bizzy, Mike Apass, Teto, Saab Jay,...

Street beggars call for help

Beggars in Juba are calling for government to intervene and support them economically since they have been driven out of their homes by hunger and the high prices of goods in the market. A 53 year old man, Alfonse Deri said he has been living on the streets of Juba...

Substandard water factories will be closed -Bartel

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry said all water producing companies will be closed if the managements are not conforming to the government policy of good working standard. Speaking to Juba Monitor on Tuesday, Joseph Africano Bartel, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry warned that any water...

Passengers told to wait for escort

The National Police Service is urging passengers of Nimule-Juba road to wait for security forces to accompany them to their destinations. This comes after reports of insecurity along Juba-Nimule road to the office of the National Police Service about the killing of another renowned musician Emma 47 on the road...


We have been talking about corruption but few understand the meaning. Simple definition is “lack of integrity or honesty, especially susceptibility to bribery or use of position of trust for dishonest gain”. When one, Edmund Yakani re-visited the root cause of the 2015 and up to now crisis, he laid...
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