Alabu dance 2019/2020 not happening: Mc Lumoex

By:  Mandela Nelson Denis The popular South Sudanese dance competition dubbed Alabu dance is not happening for the year 2019/2020. Mc Lumoex aka Isaac Lumori, the founder of Alabu Dance Competition that saw the evolution of the dance trends in the country cited lack of support for the youth driven...

About 16 arrested for suspected robbery

By: Bullen Bala Alexander At least 16 gangsters suspected to be robbers have been arrested for their involvement in a night robbery in Amadi State. Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone from Mundri, Amadi State Deputy Governor Manase Doboyi Agoli said that they arrested youth from Kotobi and Mundri Counties...

Born Leader secures collabo with Eddy Kenzo

By: Mandela Nelson Denis Dancehall singer Peter aka Born Leader has secured a collaboration deal Easter African music stalwart Eddy Kenzo. The collabo will be the first of its kind to happen in the history of South Sudan’s entertainment scene. Born Leader who is based in Kapoeta told Juba Monitor...

Comedian Vip attacks award winners, organizers

By: Mandela Nelson Denis Comedian Vip aka Reagan Justin believed to be the founder of comedy in South Sudan has attacked award winners in the country and urged them to be humble. The bitter comedian while speaking to Juba Monitor said most award winners after winning awards behave like super...

YMO mesmerizes fans in Juba

By: Mandela Nelson Denis RnB musician YMO has mesmerized his Juba-based fans Thursday with a sterling stage live performance. YMO is the version of the best stars in the world music map and on Saturday in Juba, fans witnessed the best of the star. From songs like to beautiful South...


Topical Commentary By: Charles Lotara Kids are mentally vulnerable and at the same time powerful when growing up. By that I mean, they are easy to manipulate, but they do not easily forget what they are told, or an incident which happened under their watch. It is for this reason...


On Tuesday this week, an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft was engulfed in yet another accident after suffering a runway excursion at Juba International Airport. Fortunately, none of the passengers aboard was injured. Pictures circulated on social media indicated some damages on the landing gear and fuselage. It remained unclear whether the...

Security for Christmas Eve

By: Anna Nimiriano Security arrangement for Christmas Eve is not a new thing. It has been there for about five years, the reason was to control people from unnecessary violence and accidents taking place during Christmas celebration. It doesn’t mean that something bad is going to happen, but to safeguard...

Will the referendum be of any help?

By: Agar Mayor Gai Prior to the formation of the twenty eight states in the year 2015, the local population was already happy and waiting for the proposed number of states to be made known to all. Everybody and their communities had the plans for their then to be created...
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